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Garage Heaters

Do you remember last winter when the weather reached minus 30.8 degrees Celsius? If you had to call AMA to get your battery boosted, you may have had to wait 2 hours or a day until they got to you. I bet you don’t want to go through that again this season! 

If you have a garage, putting a heater in can make a big difference. There is a lot of information regarding garage heaters. Keep reading to learn about the different heater types, brands, and why you may want to consider investing in a heater.  

Heater types

You have plenty of options to choose from when selecting your garage heater. Below are the different types of heaters, as well as their pros and cons.

Natural gas

These are the most efficient heaters. Not only are they usually quiet, but also they burn cleaner than other options will. As for safety, the flammable gas comes through the intake hose and there is no need to refill or the heater. Moreover, they provide consistent heating and are more affordable to operate than electric heaters. 

However, the natural gas model is more expensive up-front. Also, they require a professional for installation as they must be hooked up to your home’s natural gas. They do not require as much maintenance, especially if they are installed correctly!


Heaters using propane have cleaner-burning flames, and often do not need substantial ventilation. There is a lot of variety with this particular heater, meaning that they can be suspended from your ceiling or placed on the ground, as well as have an open or enclosed flame. Installation costs are fairly inexpensive as well. 

While they are cheaper thanks to installation, they do need more upkeep because the tanks need refilling. Furthermore, they are typically only efficient for three-car garages as the max BTUs (British Thermal Unit) they output per hour is 70,000. Therefore, they would not be best for commercial-sized spaces. 


One of the best aspects of an electric heater is the fact that ventilation is unnecessary. They work very well in insulated garages and are very safe without flammable gasses. Most times, they are easy and inexpensive to install, however more expensive to operate. 

As for the negative side, electric heaters may cause humidity build-up and do not heat as evenly as some gas models, hence why they work well in insulated garages. With all the running components within electric heaters (motors, fans, etcetera), they need more maintenance. Not only to ensure that each part is working but to make sure there is no risk for fire. They do not work as well in extreme cold as they rely on electricity, and can only heat a two-car garage efficiently. 

Propane, electric, or gas heaters


Here are some of the brands and models that we at MacLeod’s Plumbing and Heating recommend. 

Hot Dawg

Modine’s Hot Dawg heaters come in six possible sizes that range from 30,000 to 125, 000 BTUs. Therefore, they are great for garages, workshops, and commercial or industrial spaces. Their product is able to operate with natural gas or propane and comes with a 10-year warranty. You can choose either a power-exhausted or a separated-combustion model for your garage. However, the separated-combustion unit comes with additional features, such as increased seasonal heating efficiency and better durability. 


Reznor comes with two main models, the UDZ and the UDX. Both output roughly 30,000 to 400,000 BTUs per hour and use an axial propeller fan for air circulation.

  • UDZ: This model is a gas-fired and separated combustion unit. Using air from outside, the UDZ can prevent contaminants from being burned indoors. 
  • UDX: The UDX is also gas-fired and power vented to eliminate heat losses up flue pipes. 

Three reasons to get a garage heater

There are a lot of overall benefits that come with getting a garage heater. Here is what we believe are the top three reasons:

First of all, your car becomes warmer in the morning (which means you are warmer in the morning). At zero degrees Celsius, your car battery loses 35% of its strength. Moreover, at minus 18 degrees, the battery loses 60% of its strength and your engine requires almost twice as much power to start. Furthermore, if you use your garage for storage, a heater can help keep your items safe. Wood, plastic, glass, and leather can crack or warp. Broken items won’t sell very well at your next garage sale!

Secondly, your garage does not have to be just a place for old junk. Garages are handy for fixing things up, creating a home gym, letting kids roughhouse, or maybe working on a hobby. You won’t want to do anything in there if the weather drops to minus fifteen. With a heater, you can make it a space to utilize year-round. 

Thirdly, If your garage is warm, insulated, and heated, you will have a better time keeping warm air inside of your home. If you can’t figure out why your house always seems to get so cold, consider thinking about the heat in your garage. Preventing that cold air from your entering your garage will make your entire home more comfortable. 


There are multiple different types and brands of garage heaters for you to choose from. Natural gas, propane, and electric heating are all viable options, but which one you choose will depend on the space you’re heating and your preferences. Do you need something to heat a very large space for a cheaper cost, or are you more concerned about fumes and making your garage easier to spend time in? While the choices may feel overwhelming, you can always chat with professionals to see which heater will work best for you. 

Heaters are great for making your space more livable, for protecting your car and stored items, and for protecting the rest of your home. Who knows, maybe you want to give the gift of warmth and comfort this holiday season!

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